Our company was formed because of the lack of attention to what we think is the most crucial stage of any facility--start-up.  After working with different projects, it became apparent to our personnel that we were encountering the same problem repeatedly.

The engineering companies did a good job of engineering projects, which is their specialty.  The construction companies did a good job of constructing the projects, which is their specialty.  The start-up is normally handled by a gathering of people that are interested in the project but do not start-up facilities as a specialty.  Poor pre-commissioning, commissioning and initial operations techniques can cause costly and long-term problems.

It is our belief that the same specialized attention should be given to commissioning and start-up as the engineer/constructor gives to their duties.  Pre-commissioning, commissioning, initial operation and its associated activities are our only business and because we perform these tasks repeatedly, we are very familiar with the job.  Repetition breeds familiarity and consistent quality.

We can be aligned with the engineer/constructor or the operating company but our primary focus is getting the facility from a construction site into operation as safely and expeditiously as possible.  We maintain a core group of managers, team leaders, and safety personnel that assure that the projects are carried out in a professional and timely manner while still keeping our high business standards and work ethic.

It is never too early in a projects life to get a commissioning specialist involved.  We want the opportunity to demonstrate that our overall approach to your project is the better, safer, and most cost-efficient way to do business.  Please, give us a call!

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